The 757 LPHC and our president, Kathie Gerber, were advertised on the Radio (92.9 the Wave) and also on 2 television specials with WVEC Channel 13 and WTKR Channel 3.  Both News casts did two special segments on Women and Guns and the 757 LPHC were guest stars.  We are honored to be a part of their show and get the word out about our club. 

President and Founder, Kathie Gerber,  created a Mother/Daughter Awareness Seminar for the public to educate mothers and their daughters of the dangers that teenagers face on a daily basis.  With high alarming topics such as drugs, sexting, human trafficking, and sex crimes, this seminar gives you an eye opening experience on  teenagers today and how easily it is for them to become a victim. Kathie' s goal is to educate woman and children on keeping yourself protected at all times.  Refuse to be a Victim!  

Special Guest Speakers Seminars

Federal Premium Testing Group

Our Accomplishments

The 757 LPHC has hosted many guest speakers and special private seminars/classes specifically just for our club members.  We were honored to meet special guest, Julie Golob, who is an American Professional sport shooter, winning different awards and medals in her field.  We also had visits from Gun Toten' Mamas, Damsel in Defense, and U.S. Law Shield. There were other private seminars such as Active Shooter Seminar, OC Pepper Spray Certifications, IDPA, and a Women's only Holster Certification Class.  It's a good thing to be a 757 LPHC Member to learn something new and interesting! 

We can't possibly keep all this knowledge to ourselves.  We also offer many Seminar/Events that are Open to the Public.  We love getting the word out about Safety and want to educate everyone.   The Gang Seminar, Real Estate Safety Seminar, and Mother/Daughter Seminar are examples of events that were open to the public.  We will continue to do similar seminars in the future so keep your eyes peeled!  

This 757 LPHC began back in October 2014 and had only less than 8 members.  The club has grown to over 60 Active members and continues to grow everyday.  Our club is a success due to our beloved members and our fearless leader, Kathie Gerber.  We have accomplished so many things and look forward to the future! 

Supporting our Community

Supporting our community is one way to give back to other people in need.  The 757 LPHC has supported many organizations such as The Butterfly House, Christmas for the Troops, Bra Ha Ha, Virginia Beach Navy Seal Monument, American Military Family, and the Housing Resource Center in Virginia Beach.  We also collected school supplies for over 14 children in our community.  We love to help our community, so each year, we collect items and contribute funds for these worthy causes each year. 

We've Come Along Way, Baby!

Television and Radio

The 757 LPHC was the first to try out the new American Eagle Synthetic Ammunition.  A few members had the chance to see the ammo for the first time, try and out, and give feedback to Federal Premium on how we felt about it.  It was so hard to keep quiet for almost over a  year until it was released because we love this ammo ALOT!   It was a wonderful, AWESOME,  once in a lifetime experience!   Thanks,  Federal Premium for allowing us to test your ammo!

Mother /Daughter Awareness Seminar