1.   Do you have to be a member of the Colonial Shooting Academy (CSA) to join the 757 Ladies Packing Heat Club (757 LPHC)?
No, you do not have to be a CSA member to join.  757 LPHC has meetings on Tuesday nights which is “Ladies Night” at CSA and the range fees are half off.   If you utilize the range often, it may beneficial for you to become a member of CSA.  If you are interested, Check with CSA for membership information and pricing.

2.    Do you have to own a gun to join the 757 LPHC?

No, you do not have to own a gun to join the 757 LPHC.  In fact, we recommend that you try out different calibers and brands to find the right gun to suite your needs.  CSA offers firearm rentals for a minimum fee and you must purchase their ammunition for that specific firearm.

3.   How much does it cost to join the 757 LPHC?
There is a one-time membership joining fee of $20.00.  The fees are $15.00 per quarter.  This is only $5.00 a month!!! 
4.  Do I need firearm experience to join the 757 LPHC?

We welcome all levels from beginners to advanced.  If you never touched a firearm before, we will assist you to help you feel more secure about handling a firearm.  We preach and practice safety every day! 

5.)  Can I visit  a 757 LPHC meeting before I decide to join?  
​​Before joining, we actually suggest that you do come out and visit first to see if this is something you could be committed to.   
Check Facebook for meeting updates because there are times that the meeting could be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.   We updated Facebook when this happens.  

6.) Are there any other additional cost that I need to know about?
​Ammunition, gun rentals, range fees (if you are not a member of CSA),  membership to CSA, and additional classes that CSA offers are not included in the 757 LPHC membership.  As stated in the Answer #1 above, If you do not have a CSA membership,  You will get the "Ladies Night" range price which is half off the normal range fees for non-members.  Keep in mind that CSA may offer discounts to the 757 LPHC members only on classes and ammunition from time to time.  CSA sometimes offer deals for new memberships as well so sign up for the text messages or email so you can find out when these deals are in place and save a lot a money.  Please contact CSA for pricing or questions concerning what they offer.  

The 757 LPHC has special occasion events for holidays, anniversary of the club,  and trips.  We celebrate in the classroom at times, however, we like to plan outside of our "meeting spot" like at a restaurant or special place like "Spirit of Norfolk cruise or outdoor range field trip".  We try to plan several times throughout the year and there may be a small out of pocket expense.    We try to get a discount or lower rate to help everyone and will let you know up front what the cost will be prior to the event. The more people who attend will always lower the cost majority of the time. 

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