The Board of Directors

     Founder of the 757 Ladies Packing Heat Club:

Kathie Gerber

Her story impels her ambition to train and educate every woman she can.  She has a vision and a motive that keeps her on track.  She cares and it shows.  In just two years, Kathie Gerber’s creation has grown from a 4 woman group to over 50 women!  This powerhouse group is eager and ready to learn .  Life has its ups and downs, but it hasn’t held her back .  She also continues to learn and grow herself with a mission at hand:   


Here’s her story……….

“An evening in August 2014, I was driving down the road when an individual developed road rage and pulled a gun on me.  That is when I decided that I needed to learn to handle a firearm.  I purchased a 9 mm without knowing how to operate it.  I wen to one range and they informed me that they didn't’ have the time to work with me.  At that point, I went to Colonial Shooting Academy on Virginia Beach Blvd.  I walked in and put the gun on the counter and asked if there was anyone who had the time to show me the basics.  That is when Mark, one of the range safety officers said, "come on, I will teach you.”  I watched the safety video, answered their few questions, and off to the range we went.  No big deal right?  OMG!!! When we unloaded the firearm on the table, I was petrified.  The gun was HUGE.  I began to sweat, and I mean sweat.  I had mascara running down my face and I thought I was going to have a stroke.  Then came the moment when I had to actually pull the trigger.  Nope.  I was  not ready for that. After a week of steady training and going through the Ladies Only Basic Pistol Class, I was hooked!  I started to experience success and realized that I could actually shoot.  I enjoyed every minute of it.  At that point , I realized there had to be more women out there just like me.  Women that needed to go and be with other women who were just a scared, but had a strong willingness to learn.  That is when I decided to start the 757 Ladies Packing Heat Club.  We kicked off the club on October 15, 2014 and now have over  fifty (50) registered members.  We are recognized by the NRA and the Virginia Sports Shooting Association as an official Women’s Group.  Colonial Shooting Academy allowed me the opportunity and place to make my dream become reality.  “

Kathie Gerber

​President and Founder

​​​​Empowering Women - Refuse to be a Victim